About Us

Entity-level investment in real estate operating companies

PEC invests in real estate through entity-level ownership of real estate operating companies and has over $16 billion in gross assets under management. Working closely with the capital partner and excellent management teams, PEC builds companies that buy, develop, and operate in carefully selected major real estate markets. PEC became an independent company in 2018 after the investment team operated for almost 20 years as a boutique subsidiary of a large investment management firm. PEC is also a registered investment advisor with more than $12 billion of regulatory assets under management.

Investment Philosophy

Real estate is fundamentally a long game and a local business

Partners Enterprise Capital builds real estate operating companies by uniting macro theme-driven sector selection and access to capital with excellent management teams. The three dimensional partnership brings together capital, operating and investment management expertise to execute the long term strategy. The investment objective is to generate positive and durable operating cash flows over the long term for the capital partner.